RELEASE: Vice President Joe Biden Endorses Gil Cisneros in ‘My Friend’ Ad

Fullerton, Calif. – Today, Gil Cisneros’s campaign released a new ad for the general election – called “My Friend” – where Vice President Joe Biden endorses Cisneros to represent California’s 39th District in Congress. In the ad, the Vice President commends Cisneros for his military service and for starting a charitable foundation that invests in students from underserved communities.

“I want to tell you about my friend Gil Cisneros. A Decorated Navy veteran. A man with an enormous heart. Gil didn’t have it easy growing up,” says Vice President Biden in the ad. “But he worked hard, earned an ROTC scholarship and served our nation as a Naval Officer. But Gil’s service didn’t stop there. When the guy won the lottery, he didn’t pack up and head to the beach. Gil headed back to school. Earned his master’s degree. He started a foundation to help low-income kids go to college. Gil is using his good fortune to change the fortune of others. Service to others, that’s who Gil is. And that’s why we need him in Congress.”

“My Friend” highlights Cisneros’ contribution to the community and dedication to ensuring low-income kids have access to a quality education. The cost of college is a huge barrier for low-income kids and is big reason why they attend college at a lower rate than higher income students. Cisneros’ foundation focuses on closing this gap so kids can continue their education after high school regardless of income.

“My Friend” will air online today and will be distributed digitally in the 39th Congressional District. The ad can also be seen HERE.