RELEASE: Result of CA-39 Congressional Race Remains Undecided

Fullerton, Calif. – As the evening hours continue into November 7th, votes are still being counted in 39th district congressional race, where Gil Cisneros is hoping to serve as the Democratic representative in Washington. 

Over the course of the weekend and into election day, well over 1,200 people showed up to knock over 43,000 doors in support of Gil Cisneros. This unprecedented amount of support demonstrates the people of the 39th are ready to reject divisive rhetoric and damaging policies and elect a leader that will represent their values in Washington.

On the other hand, with reports of questionable tactics at polling places in La Habra, a heavily Latino community, and multiple Latino precincts in Orange County closing early, it’s clear that actors in the 39th did their best to potentially suppress the vote. Specifically, the polling location at the La Habra Church of Christ denied Poll Observers, had security personnel checking in voters, and had marked police vehicles parked outside the polling location. Unfortunately, there is a history of voter intimidation in Orange County.

Throughout his campaign, Cisneros put an emphasis on engaging diverse voters and shaping a political platform guided by the community’s values and concerns. Cisneros championed protecting affordable healthcare, humane immigration reform, investments in our nation’s public education, and common sense gun legislation. Cisneros also ran one of the most robust Latino and Asian American voter engagement programs in the nation. His team reflected the diversity of the community and was comprised of staff that could communicate to constituents in Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Korean and Cantonese.

Gil Cisneros issued the following statement:

“Two years ago, Jacki and I, like so many other families, were disheartened with the results of the 2016 election. We were worried that it would usher in an era of politics and rhetoric that would divide us as a nation. We were worried that Washington Republicans would stand by as this administration gutted protections that kept students, immigrants, our environment, and families safe. We decided together that I should run and stand up for our values and the values of this district. We wanted not only a better world for our kids, but for our friends, neighbors, colleagues, and community. 

“In one of the most diverse districts in the country, I learned that for all of our differences, we all care about the same things. We want our kids to feel safe at school, good jobs that allow us to provide for our families, affordable healthcare that ensures our loved ones receive the life-saving care they need, and a clean environment for our children and grandchildren. 

“The outpouring of support gives me confidence that change is on its way. I am also disturbed, however, by reports of potential voter intimidation and interference at polling locations in our district. I vow to protect every vote and ensure that everyone who participated in this election has their voice heard. In the meantime, Jacki and I will wait for the final results with our families and friends right here in the 39th District. We will let this process play out and will continue to closely monitor the results as they come in during the days ahead.”