RELEASE: Melissa Fazli Withdraws Misconduct Allegation, Denounces CLF Ads

Fullerton, Calif. – Yesterday, Gil Cisneros and Melissa Fazli met to discuss the claims that Fazli made in May. Also present for the meeting were Andy Thorburn and community leader Mirvette Judeh. Judeh helped arrange the meeting following her speaking out against the Congressional Leadership Fund for airing false, sexualized content during children’s programming.

Fazli and Cisneros released the following statements:

“I appreciate Mirvette Judeh opening a line of communication with myself and Gil Cisneros and arranging a meeting to discuss our previous interactions,” said Fazli. “I misunderstood the conversations that I had with Gil Cisneros at the Democratic convention and after. I don’t believe that Gil sexually harassed me. The Congressional Leadership Fund lied. Rather than standing with victims and survivors of harassment and assault, they are weaponizing my story for their own political gain. I denounce their ads. Emotions, anxiety, and stress have multiplied 100-fold for women like myself during this MeToo movement. I believe Mr. Cisneros has a good heart and is truly sorry for the handling of my accusations.”

Fazli also tweeted the following:

“This past week, seeing the pain of Dr. Ford and so many women and the dismissiveness of both Judge Kavanaugh and Washington Republicans, I felt it was important to reach out to meet with Melissa,” said Cisneros. “I have defended the truth against millions of dollars in false attacks that both lie about the claims made and weaponize her story. I believed it was important to listen to her and to open up a line of communication. We sat down and heard each other, found a clear case of misunderstanding, and are both ready to move forward.”

“I arranged this meeting because I truly believe that this has been a misunderstanding,” said community leader Mirvette Judeh. “I’m outraged that Paul Ryan and Republicans in Congress are twisting this claim and airing sexualized content in front of my children. Their hypocrisy is stunning. For the good of this district, our country, and the MeToo movement, I wanted to put this misunderstanding behind us.”

About a month ago, the Congressional Leadership Fund weaponized Mrs. Fazli’s allegations against Mr. Cisneros in the form of three commercials and sent three mailers with Mrs. Fazli’s professional real estate photo and name without her permission. She contacted the CLF to immediately cease any more use of her name and photo. Mrs. Fazli changed her license plates on her car because she feared for her and her family’s safety and also added extra security at her home.