RELEASE: Gil Cisneros’ Lead Grows by Over 2,000 After Further Ballot Counts

Cisneros victory would end the Republican stronghold era in Orange County

Fullerton, Calif. –Today, the Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino County Registrars of Voters updated their ballot counts indicating that Gil Cisneros has received a net gain of 2,079. Cisneros gained 3,484 votes in Los Angeles, 3,038 votes in Orange, and 269 votes in San Bernardino for a total of 3,020 votes. Cisneros now leads his opponent Young Kim by 1.4 %. This news comes after last night’s ballot update from Orange and San Bernardino Counties, which put Cisneros in the lead. The 39th District continues to be one of the closest watched congressional races in the country, as it represents the final district that could end Republican control of Orange County. With approximately 33,000 ballots yet to be counted, Young Kim would have to win the outstanding ballots by an insurmountable 9% to overcome this deficit.

Gil Cisneros released the following statement:

“I’m excited by the ballot count results that we continue to see out of the 39th District. Today’s results from Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties further demonstrate that the people of the 39th District are ready for change and new leadership that will hold the President accountable, protect DREAMers, ensure care for those with pre-existing conditions, and invest in affordable higher education. As I have said before, I’m very proud of my team, and very grateful to all of our volunteers who have been supporting us on throughout this journey. We could not have of gone this far without you. We will continue to monitor the results, and look forward to victory.”