RELEASE: Gil Cisneros Endorsed by Local Elected Women Leaders

Fullerton, Calif. – Today, Gil Cisneros, Fmr. Lieutenant Commander who is running for Congress in California’s 39th Congressional District, was endorsed by local women leaders who have dedicated their lives to advocate for Californians and the families of the 39th District. The endorsements by women elected officials include Former Director of California’s Department of Aging Lynn Daucher, California State Senator Connie Leyva, and former Brea City Councilwoman and Mayor Bev Perry.

“For over 30 years I served our community, from my tenure on the Brea Olinda School Board to City Council, and later, in the State Assembly,” said Former Director of California’s  Department of Aging Lynn Daucher.  “I am lifelong Republican and believe in the promise of this District and its residents. Gil Cisneros shares these values. Gil is not taking any special interest or corporate PAC money, and he served our country proudly in the United States Navy. Gil will be a true public servant and will always put country first. I’m proud to endorse his campaign, and I look forward to the leadership he will provide the 39th District.”

“The Trump administration has launched a war against California with major legal and senseless battles on health care, immigration, and energy legislation,” said California State Senator Connie Leyva. “Californians need leaders like Gil who will represent them in Congress and fight for affordable healthcare, investments in education, and to protect our climate. I am confident that Gil will stand up to President Trump and Washington Republicans when they act inconsistently with our community’s values.”

“President Trump and the Republicans in Congress have given massive tax breaks to corporations and have grown the federal deficit,” said former Brea City Councilwoman and Mayor Bev Perry.  “As along-time resident and former Mayor of Brea, I know first hand the importance of balancing a budget and ensuring middle-class residents are not saddled with the bill, especially in the form of reduced Social Security and Medicare benefits which they’ve worked hard and paid for. Former Lt. Commander Gil Cisneros will support policies that encourage growth and fight to bring resources back to our district. I trust Gil to stand up to President Trump and fight for working class families, not special interests.”

“I am honored to have the endorsement of local women leaders who have dedicated their lives to serving our communities,” said Gil Cisneros. “Whether in city councils or state offices, these women have represented the values of our district’s constituents. I promise to follow their example and stand up to President Trump in defense of our values. I will be an advocate for humane immigration reform, clean energy initiatives, education investments, and for women’s rights and equal pay.”