RELEASE: Cisneros Statement on U.S. Army Discharging Immigrant Recruits

Fullerton, Calif. – Today, Gil Cisneros, Fmr. Lieutenant Commander who is running for Congress in California’s 39th Congressional District, issued the following statement after reports that the United States Army has begun discharging immigrant recruits who enlisted in the military with a promised path to citizenship:

“I had the honor of serving alongside immigrant servicemembers who showed tremendous courage and bravely enlisted so that they could have the opportunity to earn their citizenship. I even had the privilege of helping one of my colleagues earn his citizenship,” said Cisneros. “Immigrants have long been an integral part of our military, lending valuable language skills and expertise in the defense of our nation. It’s absolutely shameful that the Trump administration is now breaking its promise, upending the lives of immigrant recruits who wanted nothing more than to serve and defend our country’s values, but who are now being exposed to deportation. This decision weakens our military and undermines the values of our country.”