Women’s Rights

Gil will defend a woman’s right to choose and defend Planned Parenthood funding from Republican attacks in Congress.

“The women in my life have always been an inspiration to me. They taught me how to be a good leader, a dedicated community member, and a devoted father. It’s time we do more for them. I will fight for women’s rights and stand up for equality. Women have always been the backbone of our communities but right now Trump is threatening women’s rights, funding for Planned Parenthood, and pay equity. I will stand up to Trump’s dangerous agenda and fight for policies that help women and families get ahead.” — Gil Cisneros

Women’s ability to make their own healthcare decisions are constantly under attack by Republicans in Congress. Gil believes that decisions about a woman’s health are between her and her doctor. In Congress, Gil will fight to defend funding for Planned Parenthood, which provides crucial healthcare services for women across the country.

Women continue to be paid less than men in the workforce, and Gil is committed to closing the gender wage gap. Women should receive equal pay for equal work.

Gil also believes that women shouldn’t be punished for having a child, and in Congress he will support paid family leave legislation. A child should not be a barrier to having a successful career.

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