Invest In Our Children’s Future and Make Higher Education Affordable

Children need to have the tools they need to succeed. In Congress, Gil will fight to increase per pupil spending in our k-12 education system, fight to ensure that all students have access to affordable higher education, and fight to revamp our student loan system to bring down costs. Gil will fight for our kids in Congress.

90% of children in America attend a public school. We need a strong public education system that gives every student the opportunities they deserve.

Unfortunately, many of our schools struggle to get by financially under the current financial plans. Now, Republicans in Congress, President Trump, and Betsy Devos only want to slash education funding further. President Trump’s dangerously unqualified Education Secretary Betsy Devos even supports eliminating the Department of Education. Instead of cutting education, we should be investing in education in order to transform and modernize our educational system for the 21st century economy.

Gil and Jacki know how important our educational system is to the development of our students and future leaders. Education is an issue Gil and Jacki are very passionate about, so passionate that Gil even returned to school to earn a Master’s Degree in Urban Education Policy from Brown University.

They have seen first hand how schools in underserved communities are continually challenged to provide their students with top quality education as they continue to be underfunded. Gil and Jacki started a foundation to help those who need it most. Their goal has always been to provide opportunity where opportunity often doesn’t exist, and help kids achieve their full potential.

Gil understands that when you provide students with the tools they need to succeed, anything is possible. He will work to insure that all students have the educational opportunities they deserve no matter where they are from or what their background is.

Read Gil’s Education Plan Here: Gil’s Education Plan