An Economy That Works For The Middle Class

Too many working families are struggling to get by while Washington politicians side with special interests. They deserve more. In Congress, Gil is fighting to increase the minimum wage and ensure a living wage for all Americans.

Too many families in the 39th District can’t keep up with the increased costs of housing, groceries, gas, and the overall cost of living while seeing their incomes remain flat.

Congress needs to stop giving handouts to Wall Street and banks, and force them to pay their fair share. Gil will fight to reduce taxes for the middle class and eliminate tax breaks for special interests and big corporations that send jobs overseas.

For families to succeed, we need to support paid family leave and we need to ensure every child has access to high quality affordable early childhood education. Gil is fighting for investments in high-quality childcare and early childhood programs. And he will fight for women to receive equal pay for equal work.

The backbone of a strong economy is a strong educational system. We need to help people find careers for the 21st century. We need increased investment in education, vocational training, and career development, and we need a  national infrastructure bill to ensure our businesses and workers can compete in a global economy.